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Traditional Web development frameworks tightly couple the user interface (UI) and the server. This characteristic has two significant implications: Prototyping is difficult Development is server-focused Prototyping Traditional Web frameworks make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to create prototypes. The tight coupling between the UI and the server dictates that you must write and run server code to do anything. This leaves you with two options: build prototypes using a different set of technologies or don't prototype at all. In the first case, your prototype will be thrown away, which is obviously expensive, but there are certainly cases where it's less expensive than forgoing a prototype all together. Server-Focused Development Starting development with traditional Web frameworks equates to writing server code. The problem with this is that you are forced to... (more)

Bye Bye MVC, Hello RIA + SOA

The world of web development is moving away from MVC-based web architectures and towards a client/server model that is probably best described as RIA + SOA, where RIA represents the rich user interface and SOA represents the services that it consumes. There has been a lot of buzz around rich Web 2.0 applications, but they will not become mainstream until the next generation of web platforms emerge - fully integrated platforms that enable RIA + SOA. State of the Union Currently, in the standards-based world of HTML, CSS and Javascript, RIA developers have to assemble multiple third... (more)